About us

Hi there, we are Roxanne and Ross and we are the founders of The Biscuit Baron. There is two things you should know about us.
1. We are obsessed with all things biscuity
2. We are passionate about sharing with others

The decision to start The Biscuit Baron came from a desire to 'break away' from the norm and experience something different. We love biscuits (we really do!) but we were bored of going into the supermarket and always buying the same old biscuits every week. We wanted something unique and delicious which we could amaze and excite our friends and family when they came round for a cup of tea. We wanted something which we could take into our 'biscuit table' at work and spark a conversation with our colleagues and generate a buzz in the office. We wanted our family treat time to become more than just sharing a packet of biscuits, we wanted it to become something which we could also explore and experience together as a family.

The Biscuit Baron is all those things and so much more! Sign up to the Biscuit Baron and we guarantee that not only it will satisfy all your biscuity needs but it will bring a smile to everyone you share it with.

We look forward to seeing you on The Biscuit Barons tour of the world soon 

Ross and Roxanne x