How It Works


Subscribe to our monthly box bursting with biscuit variety. Boxes are themed from a different country each month. 


Each box is loaded with 5-8 share sized biscuit items and will be posted free of charge to you around 15th of each month.


Put the kettle on and begin your biscuit adventure! Read the facts included on your biscuits, and enjoy the experience! 

  • I am delighted with the selection of biscuits that The Biscuit Baron chose for me. The surprise element of not knowing which country the biscuits were from added to the excitement of opening the box -Annmarie, Fife

  • Amazing - not sure what I was expecting, but the amount of biscuits in the box was far more than I had anticipated. Definitely - a fantastic start to our biscuit adventures - Claire, London


Our monthly Biscuit Baron box, jam-packed with 5-8 packs of biscuits from around the world, is a celebration of culture and biscuits. Each month is themed from a different country, letting you experience the traditional biscuits of that place - as well as the not-so traditional! 

Alongside a wide selection of biscuits, our boxes also come with a score card for you to rate your biscuits on. Everyone's tastes are different so it's great to see what people think on social media!

And of course, it's not all about the biscuits - it's about the culture and experience. That's why we also include a fact sheet on the biscuits; giving a brief history of each biscuits, as well as any particular traits or traditional ways of eating the biscuits. Not all biscuits are for dunking!

Every month is a brand new tasty adventure - great for those who love to try something new. To ensure excitement, we don’t tell you which country is featuring in your box until it arrives (though we may drop some clues)!  


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Monthly Biscuit Baron Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £15.00 Monthly

Travel the world of biscuit and taste a brand new country each month. Boxes are delivered on the 15th of each month and include hassle free cancellation. Where will the Biscuit Baron take you next...


Gift a box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £15.00 Monthly

Click the 'GIVE A GIFT' box at checkout and gift someone a subscription of 1,3, 6 or 12 months. Start their subscription now or delay it for 3 months . E-vouchers also available.


One-off box

Shipped: Once
Price: £15.00

Try a box without having to worry about cancelling a subscription. You will receive the same biscuity goodies as our subscribers so the mystery element is still guaranteed. Boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month.